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NEWS RELEASE | November 6, 2013:

Rekluse Now Offers Exclusive Slave Cylinder Guard

Boise, ID - Rekluse now offers an exclusive slave cylinder guard for most KTM and Husaberg dirt bike models.

• Protect your Rekluse Slave Cylinder with this exclusive guard
• Fits Adjustable and OEM Slave Cylinder
• Features and access hole for quick and easy Auto-Clutch adjustment
• Billet Aluminum

MSRP: $50


 KTM 125/144/150/200 (08-14)
 Husaberg 125 TE (2014) 


 KTM 450/505 SX-F (07-12)
 450/505 XC-F (08-10) 


 KTM 250 SX (07-14)
 KTM 250/300 XC/XC-W (08-14)
 KTM 400/450/500/530 XC-W/EXC (08-14)
 KTM 450 SX-F/XC-F (12-14)
 Husaberg 250/300 TE (11-14)
 Husaberg 450/501 FE (13-14)


 KTM 250 XC-F/XCF-W/SX-F (08-10)
 KTM 250 XCF-W (2011)


 KTM 350 SX-F/XC-F/XCF-W/EXC (11-14)
 KTM 250 XC-F/SX-F (13-14)
 KTM 250 XCF-W (2014)
 Husaberg 350 FE (13-14)


 KTM 250 SX-F/XC-F (11-12)
 KTM 250 XCF-W (12-13)
 Husaberg 250 FE (13-14)

NEWS RELEASE | October 22, 2013:

Rekluse Rider Alex Salvini Wins 2013 EWC Championship in E2 Class

St Fleur, France - Alex Salvini, riding for the HM Honda Zanardo Team, has won his first Enduro World Championship. The E2 class competitor wrapped up his Championship last weekend in front of fifteen thousand spectators on his Rekluse equipped Honda CREF450, modified for Enduro racing. This victory reflects the 19th Enduro World Championship since team owner, Franco Mayr, founded the Jolly Racing Team in 1984.
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NEWS RELEASE | October 10, 2013:

2013 ISDE Six Days | Rekluse Rides to the Podium

Sardegna, Italy – Professional Rekluse riders around the world competed in the 2013 ISDE Six Days event. Rekluse-equipped riders found success within each of the top three World Trophy finishing teams: France, USA and Italy. These riders utilized Rekluse Core EXP auto-clutches and Rekluse Core Manual clutches to tackle the rocky, technical terrain that defines ISDE racing.

With 630 racers representing 36 countries, the competition was nothing less than fierce. Each day put riders through 6 hours of racing, 1 hour of special tests and 250km of course length. Competitors with the best athleticism and equipment were those who ended up on top of the podium.

Notable finishers include:
Jeremy Joly (Team France) 2nd place E1 class
Ryan Sipes (Team USA) 1st place C2 Class
Maurizio Micheluz (Team Italy) 1st place C1 Class
Mike Brown (Team USA) 2nd place E3 class
Kailub Russell (Team USA) 3rd place E2 class

NEWS RELEASE | August 18, 2013:

Webb Dominates 2013 Kenda Tennessee Knockout Rekluse Equipped

Sequatchie, TN – Rekluse rider Cody Webb has won the 3rd annual Kenda Tennessee Knockout event. Webb was able to conquer the difficult course of slippery rocks, wet logs, and steep terrain aboard his Rekluse equipped Beta 300RR.

Renowned as one of the most difficult races of the year, the Kenda Tennessee Knockout event tests and tortures the world’s best riders. Riders that exude superior athleticism and race with the best, most reliable equipment are those that rise above the competition. 2013 KENDA Tennessee Knockout Main Event Results: 10 of the top 15 finishers ride Rekluse

1. Cody Webb: Beta – Rekluse
2. Taylor Robert: Kawasaki
3. Cory Graffunder: Husqvarna – Rekluse
4. Max Gerston: Beta – Rekluse
5. Fabien Planet: Sherco
6. Kyle Redmond: KTM – Rekluse
7. Mike Brown:  KTM – Rekluse
8. Nick Fahringer: Husaberg – Rekluse
9. Jordan Ashburn: Yamaha – Rekluse
10. Grant Baylor: KTM – Rekluse
11. Bryan Roper: KTM – Rekluse
12. Quinn Wentze:l KTM
13. Loic Leonard: KTM
14. Wally Palmer: Christini – Rekluse
15. Zach Love: KTM

NEWS RELEASE | June 7, 2013:

REKLUSE Recieves Presidential Award for Exports

WASHINGTON – U.S. Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank today presented Rekluse with the President’s “E” Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. The “E” Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

“We are pleased and honored to receive the “E” Award,” said Dwayne Dayley, Rekluse’s President. “We strive to enhance all of our customers’ riding experience. We will continue our efforts to improve both our products and the experience of interacting with Rekluse. Through these efforts we expect to see continued growth in our international markets. We appreciate and acknowledge our partners in our community and throughout the world, as well as the hard work of our employees, for helping us build our international markets and making it possible for us to receive this award.” Read More >

NEWS RELEASE | May 21, 2013:

Dwayne Dayley Named Rekluse President

Boise, ID - In order to better align Rekluse Motor Sports to the future needs of its customers the following organizational changes have been made.

Dwayne Dayley has been promoted to President of Rekluse. His focus will be on improving the effectiveness of Rekluse in delighting its customers. He has worked as Operations Manager since February 2011. Prior to working at Rekluse, he worked as a General Manager in the wood products industry and as a Device Engineering Section Manager in the semiconductor industry. He earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration, both from Brigham Young University.

"Working at Rekluse has been one of the highlights of my career," states Dwayne. "I have always enjoyed the world of manufacturing and it is really fulfilling to make a high quality product that contributes to the 'fun factor' in our customers' lives."

Al Youngwerth, who has been the President of Rekluse, will continue to be Chairman. He will also be assuming the new role and responsibility of Business Development Manager, where he will be leading product research and business development projects. This will allow him to focus his significant creative skills in bringing new products to market, which will both broaden Rekluse's customer base and improve their customers' riding experience.

Both Al and Dwayne welcome ideas and input from Rekluse customers and partners in developing and improving their products and services.

NEWS RELEASE | May 20, 2013:

Rekluse takes 2nd place at National Film Competition

VIDEO - Rekluse entered the US Small Business Administration video competition highlighting their success with exporting goods. Rekluse takes 2nd place!

Film: Andy Lawless/Zach Forest Edit: Andy Lawless, Hipshot Productions

NEWS RELEASE | February 26, 2013:

Bobbitt Wins OMA National; Rekluse Sweeps Top 5

Tuscumbia, AL – Rekluse riders swept the opening round of the OMA National offroad racing series. Russell Bobbitt, riding for Factory Husaberg, took home the win, stating, “It feels really good to get the win and to head into the second round with the points lead. This is only my second year racing this series full-time so it is still a learning experience for me. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.” Rekluse continues to dominate in the offroad racing world where durability and performance keep the Nation’s top riders finishing strong.

Top 5 OMA Overall
1. Russell Bobbitt – Rekluse
2. Kailub Russell – Rekluse
3. Nick Fahringer – Rekluse
4. Jordan Ashburn – Rekluse
5. Paul Whibley – Rekluse

NEWS RELEASE | February 18, 2013:

Rekluse attends 2013 King of the Motos

VIDEO - Rekluse attended the 2013 King of the Motos. Here's a video highlighting Rekluse riders Cody Webb (1st) Graham Jarvis (2nd) Destry Abbott (4th) Bryan Roper (5th).

NEWS RELEASE | February 17, 2013:

Rekluse Riders Sweep Round One of 2013 AMA/Rekluse National Enduro

Greensboro, GA – Round one of the 2013 National Enduro Series kicked off on Sunday where Rekluse riders swept the podium. Charlie Mullins won the event aboard his KTM 350 XC-F, stating “It was good to get the first win of the year. I’ve been looking forward to this race all winter and I’m pleased with how everything went.”

Patrick Koether of Rekluse states, “Our company started in offroad racing and to see the top 5 riders all equipped with Rekluse reminds me of the many years of testing, developing, and proving to the toughest riders in National Enduro competition that our products are up to their high standards. This is a win for everyone!”

Top 5 Results
1. Charlie Mullins; Factory FMF/KTM Offroad Team - Rekluse
2. Nick Fahringer; Airgroup Radiant Racing- Rekluse
3. Russell Bobbitt; Factory Husaberg- Rekluse
4. Brad Bakken; Obermeyer Yamaha- Rekluse
5. Mike Lafferty; Factory Husaberg - Rekluse

NEWS RELEASE | February 17, 2013:

Rekluse Invades 2013 Supercross

VIDEO - Hear what some of our Supercross riders have to say about Rekluse. Colin Jurin, Chris Howell, Kevin Rookstool, Jimmy Albertson, Matt Lemoine, Tevin Tapia, David Pulley, Landon Powell, Bracken Hall.

NEWS RELEASE | February 4, 2013:

Rekluse Rider Cody Webb Wins 2013 King of the Motos

Lucerne, CA - Rekluse supported rider Cody Webb, of Factory Beta Racing, has won the 2nd annual King of the Motos offroad race. Webb stated, “The race was brutal. Luckily I got out to a great start and then just started cruising because I was worried about keeping a good pace to save energy. Next thing I knew, Jarvis was right on my tail and we battled back and forth. I did everything I could in the tight, technical stuff to get away and I was able to secure the win.”

Rekluse riders finished in 4 of the top 5 positions overall in the pro class:
1. Cody Webb - Rekluse
2. Graham Jarvis – Rekluse
3. Taylor Roberts
4. Destry Abbott - Rekluse
5. Brian Roper – Rekluse

NEWS RELEASE | February 1, 2013:

Rekluse Continues as Official Clutch Supplier to Factory FMF/KTM Offroad Team

Boise, ID - Rekluse continues as the official clutch supplier for Factory FMF/KTM Offroad, the multi-champion race team. The upcoming season will mark Rekluse’s third consecutive year with the most successful motorcycle offroad racing team in America.

• Steward Baylor; Reigning AMA National Enduro Champion
• Charlie Mullins; Former GNCC XC1 and National Enduro Champion
• Kailub Russell; GNCC XC2 Lites Champion
• Kurt Caselli; Reigning AMA National Hare & Hound Champion
• Ivan Ramirez; Reigning WORCS Pro 2 Champion
• Mike Brown; Former 125cc Motocross National Champion, former WORCS Champion, and reigning X-Games EnduroX Gold Medalist
• Maria Forsberg; Multi-time GNCC Women’s Champion, and X-Games Women’s EnduroX Gold Medalist

NEWS RELEASE | January 9, 2013:

Rekluse Broadens Core Manual™ Clutch Model Coverage

Boise, ID - Rekluse has released their Core Manual clutch product to cover the DDS style clutches found in many 2012-2013 KTM and Husaberg bike models. These specific clutches will incorporate components that are lighter than stock and new Rekluse TEC Plates. The Rekluse Core Manual is Rekluse’s high performance manual clutch available for $519 MSRP.

Sean Brown, Rekluse Research and Development Manager, states, “Creating these new Core Manual clutches have been an ongoing project since the clutches were released. To get the best performance while retaining the Belleville spring and dampened two-piece inner hub, we developed a lighter than OEM inner hub with increased oil flow along with a lighter pressure plate; both of which significantly increase durability.  To minimize clutch drag and improve overall performance we also developed Rekluse TEC Plate technology. Rekluse TEC Plates are specially developed clutch plates which significantly reduce drag while the clutch is engaging or dis-engaging. They also help the clutch run cooler resulting in more consistent lever feel, control, and less fade.  These features make these new Core Manual products some of our best yet.”
Download PDF file >

NEWS RELEASE | January 7, 2013:

Rekluse to be Official Clutch Supplier to HRT Honda for 2013

Boise, ID - Rekluse is the official clutch supplier to HRT Honda for the 2013 Supercross and Motocross season. All riders will be racing Honda’s fitted with the Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch or Rekluse Core Manual clutch. HRT Honda is owned by Todd Hansen and has signed the following riders:

• Jimmy Albertson #55;  450 class
• Austin Politelli #76; West Coast Lites / 450 East Coast rounds
• John “JJ” Pauk #655; East Coast Lites

Joe Degano, Rekluse Marketing Manager, states, “This is our second year with HRT and Todd Hansen. The HRT team pioneered racing with the Core EXP Auto-Clutch in Supercross and Motocross last year. We are thrilled to be moving forward with this team and their enthusiasm toward our products again in 2013.”
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NEWS RELEASE | January 4, 2013:

Rekluse Broadens Core EXP™ Auto-Clutch Model Coverage

Boise, ID –Rekluse has released their Core EXP Auto-Clutch product to cover the Belleville spring style clutches found in many 2012-2013 KTM and Husaberg bike models. These specific clutches will incorporate components that are lighter than stock, new Rekluse TEC Plates, and the Rekluse Adjustable Slave Cylinder. The Rekluse Core EXP is Rekluse’s premiere performance auto-clutch available for $899 MSRP.
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2012 - News and Events (click to open)

NEWS RELEASE | December 12, 2012:

Rekluse Signs JAB Motorsports for 2013 Supercross and Motocross Season

Boise, ID – Rekluse has partnered with JAB Motorsports as official clutch supplier for the 2013 Supercross and motocross season. JAB Motorsports is owned by Adam Smith and has signed the following riders:

• Matt Lemoine #47; 450 Class SX and MX
• Gannon Audette #533; 250 East Coast SX and 250 MX
• Vann Martin #621; 250 East Coast SX and 250 MX

All riders will be racing Kawasaki’s fitted with the Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch or the Rekluse Core Manual Clutch. Austin Paden, Rekluse Race Team Support Manager, states, “We are really excited to be working with the entire JAB Motorsports Team this year. Last year we had success with Lemoine and Audette racing the Auto-Clutch in Supercross and motocross and we plan to continue that success in 2013.”

NEWS RELEASE | December 11, 2012:

Newly Designed Rekluse Clutch Cover

Boise, ID - Rekluse has re-designed their billet clutch cover; now with an appealing look and better wear characteristics. The Rekluse logo is engraved into the cover, giving it more clarity. In addition to the new look, changes in the coating process provide high-level resistance to boot wear and scratching while retaining the tough impact protection that Rekluse is known for. Austin Paden, Race Team Support Manager, states, “We developed this new clutch cover in partnership with The Factory FMF/KTM Offroad Team. They run the Rekluse clutch covers through the gauntlet; gnarly, rough terrain, and high speed hammering on the race course.”

A great after-market addition, the Rekluse clutch cover provides the perfect balance of function and style. Available for most major dirt bike and ATV models; check out More Info > for model fitment.

• Longevity; Anodized with a double thick, hard clear finish
• Durability; Billet Aluminum
• Appeal; CNC engraved logo

NEWS RELEASE | November 26, 2012:

Rekluse Attends 2012 NEPG Gobbler Getter

VIDEO - Rekluse attended the Final round of the 2012 NEPG series, The Gobbler Getter. We caught up with the race winners, each supported by Rekluse, and heard what they had to say.

PRESS RELEASE | November 17, 2012:

Rekluse Rider Maria Forsberg Crowned Geico/AMA EnduroCross Champion

Las Vegas, NV – Rekluse supported rider Maria Forsberg earns the 2012 EnduroCross Championship Title in the Women’s Class. Forsberg rides for the Factory FMF/KTM Offroad Team and has been on fire, securing her third title in 2012, EnduroCross Champ, GNCC Champ, X Games Gold Medalist. Forsberg rides a KTM 250 XCF-W fitted with the Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch to tame the challenging obstacles that make up the Geico/AMA Endurocross Championship Series.
more info >

NEWS RELEASE | November 9, 2012:

Husaberg Demo Ride

VIDEO - “When the Husaberg demo ride came to Idaho City, ID, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out the 2013 line-up. Mark Hyde allowed us to install a few of our Rekluse clutches into select Husabergs to give the riders a great opportunity to see what the Clutch rEvolution is all about. We also hooked up with the Husaberg demo that took place just before the final round of the NEPG Series in Maplesville, Alabama. Watch for a Husaberg demo ride to come to a location near you.”

PRESS RELEASE | October 24, 2012:

Rekluse Implements Economical Manufacturing Techniques to Create a Smaller Carbon Footprint.

Boise, ID – Idaho Statesman: Reduce, Rekluse, recycle: How a Boise motorcycle clutch maker cut its costs as it shrank its carbon footprint. To keep manufacturing jobs at home, Rekluse Motor Sports went green. The company started in a garage a decade ago. Now it has 40 employees. Rekluse executives were looking for ways to cut costs as they expanded to a new plant on Franklin Road in Boise. They wanted to keep the jobs in Idaho, a mecca for the off-road motorcycling enthusiasts who are both their customers and their workers. more info >

PRESS RELEASE | October 9, 2012:

Rekluse Welcomes W. White Wholesale as Distribution Partner in New Zealand

Boise, ID – Rekluse would like to announce its new distribution partner in New Zealand, W. White Wholesale (White’s). A real industry icon and deeply rooted in the heart of New Zealand’s motorcycle community, White’s will provide service, tech support, and sales of Rekluse products throughout the country.

Rekluse Sales & Marketing Manager Joe DeGano stated, “We learned a lot interviewing distributor candidates in New Zealand, including that NZ is a viable market and needs its own distributor to handle the growing demand for Rekluse products. White’s is a well-established and large distributor with a marked passion for motorcycling and new technology. We look forward to working with White’s and their capable staff in creating a prosperous and long-term partnership.”  more info >

PRESS RELEASE | October 5, 2012:

Rekluse Announces NEW Breakthrough for Hydraulic Actuated Core EXP and
EXP Auto-Clutches

Boise, ID – Rekluse has released their new adjustable slave cylinder for hydraulic clutch actuated motorcycles. Designed to replace the OEM slave cylinder, this innovative technology allows installation and adjustment to be quick, accurate, and easier than ever before. This non-traditional slave cylinder design eliminates the need to shut the bike off and remove the clutch cover any time an adjustment is made. Sean Brown, R&D manager, states “We are very excited to deliver external adjustment capabilities to our customers using EXP and Core EXP products.  Giving the rider the ability to easily make clutch gap adjustments without having to remove the clutch cover is a huge step forward for auto-clutch technology.”

Product Features:
• External Clutch Adjustment, making for quick, accurate, and easy set-up
• Bump starting capabilities
• Replaces previous methods of adjusting hydraulic actuated Core EXP and EXP Auto-Clutches
• May be retro-fitted to Core EXP and EXP Auto-Clutch products purchased before Oct.15th, 2012.

Applies to the Following Models:

Husaberg FE/FS/FX 390/450/570 (09-12)
Husaberg TE 250/300 2-stroke (11-12)
KTM 125/144/150/200 SX/XC/XC-W (98-13)
KTM 250/300 SX/XC/XC-W (03-13)
KTM 250 SX-F/XC-F/XCF-W (06-13)
KTM 350 SX-F/XC-F/XCF-W/EXC/Freeride (11-13)
KTM 450/505 XC-F (08-09)
KTM 450/505 SX-F (07-11)
KTM 450/530 EXC; 400/450/530 XC-W/XCR-W (08-11)
KTM 450 SX-F non factory edition (2012)

NEWS RELEASE | September 27, 2012:

KTM Demo Ride

VIDEO - Rekluse was able to attend the KTM Demo Ride at OMC Motocross track in Boise, ID. We installed a Core EXP Auto-Clutch in one of the 2013 KTM 350 SX-F's and let people experience what the rEvolution is all about. Here's what a few of them had to say.

PRESS RELEASE | August 23, 2012:

Rekluse Riders Earn Top 10 Finishes in Canadian Motocross National Championship Series

Walton, Ontario – The Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Championship Series came to a close with several Rekluse equipped riders taking top honors.

Bobby Kiniry took his Rockstar/OTSFF Yamaha backed by Mongoose Machine/Rekluse Canada to a second place championship finish in the MX1 class. Richard Grey, Kiniry’s teammate, finished 9th in the MX2 class. Both riders remained very consistent throughout the season running the Rekluse Core Manual clutch system.

Other riders that finished within the top 10 were: Jason Burke, who secured an 8th place standing in the MX1 class, Dylan Kaelin, who held on to 10th in the MX2 class. Both riders have been running the Core EXP auto-clutch this year.

PRESS RELEASE | August 2, 2012:

Hoco Parts BV Announced as Rekluse Distributor for The Benelux

Boise, Idaho – Rekluse is proud to announce Hoco Parts BV as a new distributor for the Benelux. Hoco Parts BV, headquartered in Barneveld, Netherlands, will be responsible for Rekluse sales & marketing, technical support, customer service, and distribution in the Benelux. more info >

NEWS RELEASE | June 14, 2012:

New 2012 Left Hand Rear Brake Kit from REKLUSE

VIDEO - Idaho Joe shows you the New 2012 Left Hand Rear Brake set-up from Rekluse. The new brake kits will all be dual actuated only, meaning that you will retain your foot pedal brake at all times. For further questions call 866-REKLUSE. more info >

NEWS RELEASE | May 31, 2012:

HRT Kawasaki Performance Video Release

VIDEO - Take a look at how HRT Kawasaki is using the Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch for AMA Supercross and Motocross. Team riders featured in this video are Matt Lemoine (#60) and John "JJ" Pauk (#655). Better Starts, Faster Corners, and Quicker Lap Times.

Kevin Kinrade and Al Youngwerth

PRESS RELEASE | May 14th, 2012

Mongoose Machine & Engineering Declared Sole Rekluse Distributor for Canada

Boise, Idaho – Rekluse has announced Mongoose Machine & Engineering as the sole Rekluse distributor in Canada. Mongoose, headquartered in Port Coquitlam, BC, will be responsible for sales & marketing, technical support, customer service, and distribution in all of Canada.

Mongoose Machine has proven themselves as a top distributor since 2005,” states Alison Kelsey, Rekluse International Distribution Development. “They have matched our growth in the US year after year. As they expand into Eastern Canada, we are confident they will provide outstanding support to the entire country. The Kinrade family has invested in building the Rekluse brand and we are grateful for their hard work.”

Kevin Kinrade of Mongoose states, “Mongoose Machine is extremely excited about the future with Rekluse and continuing the great business relationship we have experienced for 8 years”

Mongoose Background: In 1994, Jay Kinrade became the owner of Mongoose where it has been a family business since. In 2004, Mongoose signed on with Rekluse to be an authorized dealer. They were convinced that this product was going to change not only dirt bike riding, but racing as well. In 2005, Mongoose Machine became the Western Canadian distributor for Rekluse.In 2009 Jay’s son, Kevin, took over managing the Rekluse product line upon his return from College. Kevin’s years of experience in the motorcycle industry with engine machining and product management prepared him for his new role.

NEWS RELEASE | May 3, 2012:

HRT Kawasaki Interview

VIDEO - Hear what Todd Hansen (Team Owner) and Bruce Lemoine (Matt's Dad and Crew Chief) have to say about the Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch in AMA Supercross.

Riders: Matt Lemoine (#60) and John "JJ" Pauk (#655)

Joe DeGano, Alison Kelsey and Al Youngwerth

PRESS RELEASE | April 25, 2012

Rekluse Named 2012 Exporter of the Year

Boise, Idaho – Rekluse has been awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 2012 National Exporter of the Year. Rekluse is an American manufacturer of performance clutch components for motorcycles, including their world renowned auto-clutch.

This national achievement is a culmination of many distinguishing factors which include a strong increase in export sales, expansion into new territories, and manufacturing within the United States. By utilizing resources offered by government agencies and an SBA loan, Rekluse has built an innovative and expanding export business. 2012 signifies the10th year in business and 9th year of exporting for Rekluse. With 15 distributors that operate in a total of 25 different countries, over 25% of all Rekluse sales are generated abroad.

Al Youngwerth, President of Rekluse states, “It is truly an honor for our team to be recognized at a national level for our achievements in exporting. This award would not be possible without the support and dedication of our international distribution partners and many local export resources. It is also the result of hard work put in by Alison Kelsey and Joe DeGano to develop the Rekluse exporting program.”

Al Youngwerth – President, Joe DeGano – Sales/Marketing Manager, and Alison Kelsey – International Distribution Development, will be honored by the SBA at the National Small Business Week ceremonies in Washington D.C. May 20th - 22nd, 2012. Rekluse extends gratitude to all distribution partners, industry partners and supportive community resources, without whom this award would not be possible.

NEWS RELEASE | April 3, 2012:

Auto-Clutch For Supercross?

VITAL MX.com - Rekluse is a name we see often in the off-road side of our sport, but not as often in the Supercross segment. That's changing up a bit this year, as we've seen Matt Lemoine and Lance Vincent racing with them during the Lites East title chase. We were curious what Matt had to say about it, and hit him up in Toronto to find out more >

2011 - News and Events (click to open)

PRESS RELEASE | November 28, 2011:

6 Championships earned by KTM Off-Road and Rekluse for 2011

Murietta, CA – This year proved to be flooded with success for the KTM Off-Road race teams, backed by Rekluse. To say that KTM dominated the off-road scene in 2011 is truly an understatement. KTM swept championships in every off-road racing discipline for 2011.

Kurt Caselli nailed down two championships for 2011, one in WORCS racing and one in the AMA National Hare & Hound series. The WORCS championship represents Kurt’s third WORCS Championship, making him the only rider in WORCS racing history to attain three championships in the series. “I am very excited to win this championship,” remarked Caselli. “I have worked very hard this year to defend my title and it is a great feeling to come out on top.” Caselli’s other championship title was earned in the AMA National Hare & Hound series where he secured the championship a full round early. Antti Kallonen, Factory FMF/KTM team manager, states “We are very proud of Kurt. He has worked very hard this season toward winning this championship and we are excited that he is able to win one round early. This is the first full year commitment to this series and it is great to see him walk away with the title after just one season.”

Kacy Martinez successfully defended her championship title in women’s WORCS series pro class for 2011. The RPM/ KTM team rider states “Everyone always says it’s harder to defend a title than to win your first and it definitely was.”

Charlie Mullins made history when he claimed his first pro career GNCC XC1 Championship this year. He is the first American to win the title since Scott Plessinger back in 1995. Mullins had a great, solid year with 6 race wins and 4 additional podium finishes. As Mullins exclaims, “I can’t explain how much this title championship means to me. This is the championship I have worked for since I was a kid. This is the reason I ride and the reason I train. If feels so good to finally win this title.”

Maria Forsberg claimed her 2nd GNCC Championship in the women’s pro class a full two rounds early. The 4 time WORCS champion, Women’s Endurocross X Games gold medalist, and now 2nd time GNCC champion states “It feels really good to wrap up the championship early. I did not expect to dominate the way I have this season and I am so grateful that I had the RPM/KTM Team behind me to help with this championship.”

Russell Bobbitt captured his 4th AMA National Enduro Championship this year in a year end battle that came down to the wire between himself and teammate, Charlie Mullins. “It was a great race to win,” comments Bobbitt. “It was a long year and a tough season. I felt good all day and everything just clicked. My bike worked really well. Thanks to my mechanic Tanner, my friend Andrew Marsh, my family, and the whole FMF/KTM Team for helping me earn this championship.”

PRESS RELEASE | October 10, 2011:

Two FIM World Enduro Championship Titles Earned For 2011

Ponts, Spain - Rekluse riders Mika Ahola and Jeremy Joly, both of HM Honda, came away from the 2011 FIM Enduro World Championship as title winners. Nearly 5,000 spectators were in attendance to witness the world class athleticism exhibited by Ahola and Joly. Taking his Rekluse backed HM Honda to the winners circle is nothing new to Mika Ahola.

With his 5th consecutive title for 2011 Ahola dominated the E3 class, beating out rival and fierce competitor, Christophe Nambotin of France. “These five titles mean a lot to me…” states Mika Ahola. “Firstly, because I am the first to have won in all 3 categories; secondly because it is the 5th in a row; and lastly because I am the oldest champion in the world!”

Frenchmen Jeremy Joly came away with a championship title in the EJ (Junior) class aboard his Rekluse backed HM Honda. Having barely missed the championship win last year by a mere point spread, Joly was nothing short of ecstatic to win this year. “It feels fantastic to win this title, I’ve been waiting for this and there we go, I’ve managed to become the World Champion!” exclaims Joly.

Mika Ahola 2011 E3 World Enduro

Jeremy Joly 2011 EJ World Enduro
images © ABC Communication

 PRESS RELEASE | September 28, 2011:

Paul Whibley Secures OMA Championship Title

Boise, ID - Rekluse backed AmPro Yamaha’s Paul Whibley fully defended his OMA Championship Title for 2011 and secured the Championship win. With his 4th OMA Championship under his belt, Whibley has proven to be a fierce and driven off-road competitor. The New Zealand native made the transition to compete in the U.S. off-road world in 2006 and has really found great success in doing so. “I'm really happy to wrap up the OMA series again this year. It has been a tough series but the team and all the sponsors came through strong. Rekluse has been a long time and trusted sponsor and I look forward to many more No. 1 plates with their support.”

 PRESS RELEASE | September 26, 2011:

Massie Wins AMA Arenacross Lites Eastern Regional Championship

Rockford, Illinois, was home to the final round of the AMA Arenacross series. In a culmination of a very hard work and many hard fought laps, an Arenacross Lites Eastern Regional Champion was crowned.

The Rekluse backed Foremost Insurance/Spinechillers/Hondaoffairfield.com rider Patrick Massie wrapped up his series points championship with a 2nd place finish on the night that secured his points lead for the Eastern Regional Championship. With two wins on the season and many top 5 finishes, Patrick Massie came away with a 216 point victory over Austin Primavera (134 points). Massie will be running the #1 plate for the 2012 Arenacross series. Massie states, “I had a successful 2010/2011 Arenacross season, winning the lites east championship. Part of that success was helped by using the Rekluse Core EXP clutch. I pulled several holeshots and the clutch didn't seem to fade toward the end of races like many others. The team and myself are looking forward to using Rekluse products for another great season.”

 PRESS RELEASE | March 22, 2011:

Rekluse is Official Sponsor of the Factory FMF/KTM Racing Team

Boise, ID - Rekluse, the leading innovator of auto-clutch technology and performance clutches for motorcycle racing, has signed a three year sponsorship agreement with the Factory FMF/KTM Racing Team beginning in 2011. Rekluse is pleased to be an accepted supplier by the Factory FMF/KTM Racing Team after extensive performance and endurance testing.  All members of Factory FMF/KTM Racing Team, managed by Antti Kallonen of KTM North America, will be running Rekluse clutch systems. “I’m excited and looking forward to partnering with Rekluse. Rekluse has a great variety of clutch systems and components that can be utilized in all of our race team bikes and in all of the offroad racing segments that our Factory riders are competing in,” states Antti.

This partnership represents a great leap forward for Rekluse as an opportunity to showcase and further develop their new clutch technologies with Factory FMF/KTM Racing Team. Patrick Koether, with business development at Rekluse, exclaims that "Our long term partnership with KTM focuses on our mutual passion for innovation, technology, and racing. Together we will be racing for five AMA National titles. Thus far, the early season results for 2011 have proven that the Rekluse/KTM program is ready to race for championships!"

 NEW for 2011:

Core EXP just got better – Now with EXP 2.0 Technology™
Breakthrough in Response, Performance & Tunability!

“The Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch Is Magical” – Dirt Bike Magazine

Rekluse Core EXP – Core as in “Hard-Core,” is our award winning premier product. It is the #1 choice for performance minded riders that insist on perfect clutch lever feel that also demand the highest performance and durability available.

When introduced in 2009, EXP technology revolutionized the auto-clutch market by incorporating sliding wedges into an expanding friction disk. Wedges provided increased clutch performance at low to mid RPMs over traditional ball-bearing auto-clutches. By incorporating two ball bearings stacked on top of each other within the wedge, the friction generated from sliding wedges is virtually eliminated in EXP 2.0.

The result is clutch engagement and disengagement response that is unparalleled by any previous auto-clutch. Throttle control is increased dramatically while maintaining increased clutch performance at low to mid RPMs. With the increased response, a wider array of tuning options become available while further reducing the possibility of “pop” stalls.
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 Rekluse EXP

Inspired by our award winning and premier Core EXP system and singles out the revolutionary EXP assembly. Rekluse EXP employs the same race-ready technology and EXP assembly of our premier product; the difference is that it fits into your stock clutch components. Yes it’s true! One can now enjoy the benefits of Rekluse auto-clutch technology while racing or riding at our most affordable price.

 Feature's & Benefits:

Feature: EXP 2.0 Technology™
Benefit: • Ball-wedges give unparalleled throttle control & response.
              • 7075 aluminum boosts durability
              • ¼ turn pins for quick & easy tuning
Feature: Fully adjustable with optional light and heavy ball-wedges and EXP springs.
Benefit: Allows rider to achieve a matrix of truly custom settings to obtain great performance advantages.
Feature: Easiest to install and easy to tune.
Benefit: Virtually anyone can install and allows for quick trackside tuning.

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