TUNING & MAINTENANCE   Achieve the Ultimate Set-Up.

Wedge Kit
Each wedge kit has a different mass, allowing one to configure and achieve a personalized rider setup. For use with products that incorporate EXP technology only.

z-Start Pro Ball Kit
Rekluse Tungsten Carbide and Steel Ball kits – Ball bearing kits designed to tune all Rekluse z-Start Pro clutches. Tungsten Carbide kits are heavier than Steel Ball kits and can be configured to achieve the ultimate set-up.

Core Pressure Plate Springs
17-7 stainless steel, precision wound, heat treated pressure plate springs ensure that springs will not sack out from high heat cycles and extended use. Springs are zinc color-plated for easy identification of differing spring rates. Used to tune Core EXP or Core Manual products.

EXP Spring Kit
EXP spring kits are designed to tune the engagement RPM of all products using EXP technology and achieve the ultimate setup.

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